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IJPR 9[3] July - September 2017 Special Issue

July - September 9[3] 2017

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Molecular Investigation of the Toxoplasma gondii Parasite with the Study of Pathological Changes in Pregnant Women in Najaf Governorate

Abstract: The current study aimed at the molecular investigation of Toxoplasmagondii parasite causing toxoplasmosis in (128) blood and placenta samples for pregnant, aborted women, reviews of Al-Zahraa Teaching Hospital, Al-Hakim General Hospital and the Central Public Health Laboratory in Najaf Governorate for the period from 1/9/2018 to 1/5 / 2019.(128)blood and placenta samples were examined in three laboratory methods to detect parasitic infection, where the polymerase chain reaction was used PCR and (23) were diagnosed at a rate of (18%). Serological tests also recorded results for the parasitic injury, where the incidence of the incidence associated with the enzyme and the adsorption test was recorded. The immune-linked ELLSA enzyme ((IgM, IgG, IgM) and (19.5%, 37.5% and 7.05%) (23.4%, 51.6% and 9.4%), respectively. The statistical study indicated that there were significant differences and the level of probability p = 0.05. The study also included the diagnosis of the parasite using the PCR test where the parasite DNA was extracted and the infection was diagnosed using a special initiator. As a result, a 496pb package of 23 infected placenta samples emerged. This indicates the accuracy of this test in investigating the parasite T gondii. PCR test recorded the highest infection, the highest results for the choices in the age group (31-35) years and the percentage (39.1%) according to the PCR test, while the Minividas and ELLSA test recorded the highest rate of injury in the age group (26-30) years, with a rate of (IgG, IgM) (38.4% and 31.3%), respectively, significant differences were observed with the probability level p = 0.05. The current study indicated the cases of projections associated with toxoplasmosis, where the highest rate of projections (34.8%) was PCR test, while the Minividas and ELLSA test in women with miscarriage (2.1) and (31.1%, 38.5%) (38.8%, 37%), respectively, the statistical study recorded significant differences at the probability level p = 0.05.The level of education among individuals had an important role in the occurrence of injury as the relationship was direct between them. The highest number of cases of infection at the illiterate level (39) samples and the percentage (34.8%) of the PCR test, while the Minividas and ELLSA test was the highest incidence of IgG, IgM among persons who had academic achievement (primary, illiterate) and the percentage (37.5%, 38.5%) (44.5% and 35.2%), respectively, and the study indicated that there were significant differences with the probability level p = 0.05.The study also showed the results of the current study, there is a relationship between injury and congenital malformations in embryos where the Minividas and ELLSA test recorded the highest incidence of IgM and IgG antibody (93.8%, 87.2%) (94.4%, 88.9%), respectively, while the PCR test scored significant differences in favor of not The presence of birth defects, 91.3%, the probability level p = 0.05. Civilian areas recorded the highest rate of infection (82.6%) according to the PCR test. As for the Minividas and ELLSA test, urban areas recorded the highest injury compared to rural areas (87.5%, 89.7%, 77.8%) (66.7%, 70.4%, 66.7%) Respectively.
Keyword: Minividas, ELLSA, Urban.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.31838/ijpr/2020.12.03.272
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