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IJPR 9[3] July - September 2017 Special Issue

July - September 9[3] 2017

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Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge about Intravenous Fluid Administration at Basra General Hospital

Abstract: Background Intravenous fluid administration to form correctly it is very important to maintain the health of the potential complications that occur through the administration, so it is important to assessment the level education of nurses and development the ideas about intravenous fluid. Objectives To assessment of nurse’s level of education about Intravenous Fluid Administration at Basra General Hospital. Methodology The study was descriptive cross-sectional one, on sample of 300 nurse in Basra general hospital. Closed-end questions questionnaire was used for the purpose of data collection; the data collection was carried out from December 2017 to March 2018. Results This study showed that 34%of the sample were males and 66%were fameless regarding the age 65%of the sample age 19-28 and 213% were 29-38 and 5,3% were 39-48 and 8,4%were 49 and above that’s mean The highest Percent was the age 19-28 Regarding the distribution according to working place 24%in emergency ward , also 24%in the medical ward, 28%in the surgica ward ,6%in icu and 15%in the pediatric ward and2%in the other ward .regarding the level education 7% primary school level, 9,7%intermediate school,38,7%sechonary school,50,7%health institute and 3% college level Regarding years employment 77%were from 1-19 years, 10, 6%were from 10-19 years, 6%were from 20-29 years 6, 4%were from 30-39years. Regarding years of practice in there wards 71%less than one years,9,6% for one years,4% for five years,6%for three years,14%for years ,and 2%for six and seven years . So the nurses scoring of knowledge about iv fluid administrations we found 11%of the study nurses had 51%scors, 14%had scores 52-61,34,4%had scors62-71,27%had scores 72-81 8, 3%had scores 82-91 and 5,3%had scores 92 and above and when we had down Pearson correlation between age and scores and between gender and scoring also the ward and scoring, the level of education and scoring, years of employment and scoring, years of practice and scoring we found all of these correlation is negative the is no correlation between every one Conclusions 1-The study showed that 34 % of the sample were males and 66 % were females 2-The highest percent of the study sample was at the age 19 to 28 years 3-More than half of the sample were had a level of education of health institute 4-Most of the study sample had less than 10 years of employment 5-Most of the nurses had a good knowledge about IV fluid , were the were got high scoring 6-We havnt find any correlation between the variables and the scores they got
Keyword: Nurses' Knowledge, Assessment, Intravenous Administration, Basra, Iraq.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.31838/ijpr/2020.12.02.0177
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