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IJPR 9[3] July - September 2017 Special Issue

July - September 9[3] 2017

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A Study on Risk Factors of Anaemia among Pregnant Women

Author: MURALI. R
Abstract: n developing countries the living conditions and health care facility among the rural population has improved but still prevalence of anaemia is found to be epidemic in rural India. The risk factors are illiteracy, socioeconomic status,in adequate awareness about the disease, unhealthy diet.Anaemia begins in childhood, worsens during adolescence in girls and gets intensified during pregnancy. A cross sectional study was accompanied in a rural health centre of Chettinad hospital and research institute where 107 pregnant mothers were interviewed with pre evaluated questionnaires and their haemoglobin was estimated with blood test.All mothers irrespective of their gestational week and gravida status were screened. The Socio demographic profile of the study population. A total of 107 subjects were enrolled for study, among which 47(43.9 %) were found to be anaemic. The majority 26(55.3 %) of women established moderate anaemia and mild anaemia was seen in 21(44.6%) pregnant women.The harshness of anaemia rendering to age groups. The occurrence of anaemia is meaningfully higher in the 20 to 24 years age group. A higher prevalence of anaemia was seen among women with educational level 8th to 10th standard (53.1%). The prevalence of anaemia in antenatal mothers is more common among lower and middle class family and most of study group comprised of house wives (57%).The objective of this study is estimate the haemoglobin level among pregnant women and related risk factors of anaemia among pregnant women in a rural block. According to this study people need more knowledge about anaemia complications, importance of supplementary nutrition, regular antenatal visits and healthy diet pattern among pregnant women.It also includes studying associated risk factors like social class, educational status, family type,body mass index, parity, occupation and lifestyle. This study was used to assess new risks associated with anaemia and also helps to prevent the incidence of anaemia in pregnancy.The occurrence of anaemia is high even in high income groups and among welleducated pregnant women. This study helps to know the occurrence of anaemia in pregnant women in rural communal in Kanchipuram district,Tamilnadu.
Keyword: anaemia, Socio demographic,socio metric, Scapula, Sternum, Ileum, Ribs,Skull bones
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