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January - March 6 [1] 2014

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IJPR 9[3] July - September 2017 Special Issue

July - September 9[3] 2017

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Physiological response of the rheological parameters of erythrocytes to regular physical exertion in individuals of the first mature age who are at risk of hemodynamic and metabolic disturbances

Abstract: On the background of intensification of the pace of modern life and the steady growth of this emotional burden in many countries is very common disease, bringing serious economic and social damage, it becomes hypertension, very frequently combined with disorders of carbohydrate metabolism. While poorly estimated changes coming at the beginning of the development of hypertension and impaired glucose tolerance in the structural-functional status of erythrocytes, strongly defining microcirculatory parameters of blood. Still not studied the characteristics of aggregation and surface geometry of erythrocytes in individuals first Mature age with high normal blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance in the background of regular exercise. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of regular athletic training on the rheological characteristics of erythrocytes in individuals first Mature age with high normal blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance. The work was done on 32 people 22 years of age with high normal blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance. The control group consisted of 37 healthy volunteers first Mature age, regularly attending the track training and leading a healthy lifestyle. All patients were determined by lipid peroxidation and antioxidant protection of plasma and erythrocyte lipid composition of red blood cells, the surface geometry of red blood cells and the severity of erythrocyte aggregation. All persons, formed an expert panel, appointed lessons of athletics for 1.5 hours a day 3 times a week. Evaluation of recorded parameters in individuals with high normal blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance, carried out since including them in a monitoring group, after 0.5 years, 1 year and 1.5 years of regular classes in the athletics section. Drug therapy never carried out. Statistical data processing was performed by Student's t-test. After a year of regular physical exercise within athletics in the experimental group disappeared a violation of glucose tolerance and have normalized the values of arterial pressure, parameters of lipid peroxidation in plasma and erythrocytes, as well as surface geometry, and red blood cells aggregation. The holding in the subsequent regular track practice has maintained and secured the result. As a result of one year of athletic exercise in individuals first Mature age with high normal blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance, normalization of activity in the erythrocytes lipid peroxidation, surface geometry, and red blood cells aggregation, keeping them at an optimal level in the patients of athletics exercise.
Keyword: exercise, red blood cells, the first Mature age, high-normal blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance
DOI: https://doi.org/10.31838/ijpr/2019.11.04.041
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